To Prevent Suicide (if only just one)

To one and all who knew me
I’m sorry for never really believing
I mattered to you or anyone
No worth when sorrow is deceiving

Depression is best kept a secret
Attention, many quickly accusing
Fear of being judged as insane
No help, if help you keep refusing

Take to heart, this truth when taught
Character builds from pains defining
Adversity gives perspective
And surely aids in our refining

Hopeless and helpless won 
Demons of doubt and self loathing 
Each day the lies compacted
To death my mind was floating

“Protect the ones you love so dear,”
Said something almost teasing 
“Erase thyself to set things right,
The pain you cause, then ceasing”

Please listen one and all to me
Your life is worth defending
Suicide -once committed
Brings deeper pain -a cycle never ending

My body at rest yet my soul still sad
Forgive me for the pain you’re feeling
If I’d realized then what I now know
A life to live I’d pick over deaths dealing

Too late for me, yet in time for you
When sadness is life defying
Remember this heartfelt plea
There’s no reversal after dying

You have a purpose yet unfulfilled
One who cares and knows the feeling
Suicide isn’t all it’s cracked up to be
Call 1 800 273 8255 to start the healing


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