Sail Away Another Day

A purpose yet unfulfilled

Confusion has come to town and its here to stay. At least, until Reason and Common Sense come in to make a play. Logic was thrown out the window by Emotion from the heart. Naivete brought Gullible along with Denial and Wishful Thinking right from the start. So next time when a Delusion turns into Belief, remember that Insanity will always lead to Grief. When Expectation becomes too great,  pray it doesn’t become Resentment which usually roams with Hate. Just because Playful becomes something more, don’t count on it keeping ones foot in the door. Never mistake Love for chemical reactions in the brain cause True Love is always from the soul and hits like a freight train. Gratitude wins the day over Sadness and Self-Pity. Forgiveness and Understanding came this morning and brought Peace and Happiness with a cautious Warning.

Never be afraid to stand alone cause no ones path is set in stone. What is meant to be will be in whatever way it chooses at the end, you’ll see.

Well Wishes and Excitement will pave the road, in case Empathy comes back into active mode. Point has been lost and Exhaustion is drowning the Weary. Surprised will definitely sink in even though its so much more Teary.  


Daily Prompt : Que sera sera


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